About Us

A Lone Backpacker the name says it all. A backpacker who wants to find some of the best places to explore in its roots.

Growing up in a multi-cultural city in India, Shravan fell in love with travelling at a very early age. Whenever, school summer holidays he used to visit a different place every year and tried to imbibe the culture.

However, the culture of backpacking was known to him when he went for a solo travel to Kerala which was his first solo travel. He met some fellow backpackers and fell in love with the culture which inspired, Shravan to take baby steps to explore backpacking culture and the next year he planned his first backpacking international destination to Bali.

From then on, he is not looking backwards as he explored the offbeat destinations and tried to follow backpacking routes which he has visited. The idea of starting a blog began when he wished to let know other people the places which are less visited hence A Lone Backpacker began.

With this, you get to witness some of the places/reviews/experiences which Shravan visits while going on backpacking trails.

Also, Solo Travel and Music goes hand-in-hand which is why Shravan also introduces people to the world of music which he enjoys to listen.


At A Lone Backpacker you get to know some of the places which are less known to people and also appreciate the place which one visits solely. Shravan wants this website to grow exponentially and reach many backpacking audience which has seen growth in India recent days and also let every person know that there are many beautiful places in earth which has not seen much of human interaction.


A Lone Backpacker wishes to visit many countries and explore affordable places which would be the next hub for tourism.