Chile to reopen Easter Island for tourism

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A popular tourist destination in the Pacific Ocean, the Easter Island will reopen on August 01 after being closed for two years said the government of Chile.

The island, located 3,500 kilometres west of the coast of Chile, is world-famous for its “moais,” huge stone statues in human form partially buried in the earth.

“It has been agreed that the opening of Rapa Nui (Easter Island) would take place on Monday, August 1, 2022,” said a statement from the ministry of economy, development and tourism.

The original reopening date was in the month of February however this was not materialized due to some conflicts.

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The island’s main source of income was domestic and international tourism which the same was closed on March 16, 2020, following the coronavirus cases in the country.

Easter Island currently has only one weekly flight, operated by the Latam airline. From August 1, up to three flights per week will be operated by Latam to transport tourists, the ministry said.

The Chilean government has set a precondition that the local covid19 vaccination rate is around 80 per cent in order for tourism to reopen, currently, it is around 73 per cent.

According to the local authorities, there have been an only handful of coronavirus cases and no hospitalization nor death has been recorded.

In October, the indigenous population of Easter Island held a referendum on whether tourism to the UNESCO world heritage site should be resumed.

The result, which was non-binding, showed more than 67 per cent of those who voted were against the move.

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