Countries that have banned flights from India

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As India is struggling under record-breaking coronavirus cases where the second wave has hit hard and hospitals are struggling to fill patients, the non-availability of Oxygen has put pressure on our poor health infrastructure countries have been leading helping hand to assist India in many ways.

On the other hand, to safeguard their own citizens, many countries have put stringent measures for travellers/tourists who are coming from India and have also changed entry requirements for Indian citizens.

Here are some of the countries that have barred entry of Indian visitors due to spike of coronavirus cases in India.

1) The Maldives

One of the popular tourist destination for Indians, The Maldives has put temporary measures for Indian travellers visiting maldives which you can check out here.

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2) Kuwait

Kuwait too added India under red list country where it banned flights from India. The ban came into effect on April 24 where Kuwaiti directorate mentioned those arriving from India (direct or indirect) will not be allowed to enter Kuwait if they have not spent at least 14 days outside of India.

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3) Italy

Last year Italy suffered hugely which was hit hard on the first wave of coronavirus has taken enough measures to control this year. Hence, Italy has also banned tourists coming to the country and who have been in India for the past 14 days. However, Italians who are currently in India will be allowed to enter only with negative test result taken before departure or arrival.

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4) Iran

Iran too has banned flights from India given the sudden spike of coronavirus cases in India. Iran president, Hassan Rouhani said,  “The Indian coronavirus is a new threat we face. The Indian virus is more dangerous than the English and Brazilian variants”.

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5) Indonesia

The government of Indonesia has decided not to issue visa to those who have travelled to India in the past 14 days and only the citizens of Indonesia coming back to the country will be allowed to enter and it is mandatory for them to follow quarantine rules.

Temple in Bali
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6) France

France too has banned flights from India given the rise of coronavirus cases. Besides India, France has also banned flights from Brazil, Chile, Argentina, and South Africa.

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7) Germany

Germany is allowing German Nationals and people with German residents permit travelling from India to Germany. Speaking about this, a person from government spoke on twitter,  “The newly discovered virus mutation in India worries us very much. In order not to jeopardise our vaccination campaign, travel to India must be significantly restricted.”

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8) Canada

Canadian government has suspended all flights from India for 30 days. This comes after the fact that nearly half of the passengers had tested positive for the flights coming from India to Canada.

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9) United States of America

Like its neighbor country, The US also has banned flights entering into the country from India. The CDC has issued advisory urging Americans not to travel to India even if they are vaccinated. As per CDC, India is among Level 4 countries where covid-19 cases are high.

New York
Credits: Unsplash

10) New Zealand

New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern announced that there would be a ban for travelers entering from India. This comes after the fact that 17 out of 23 patients tested positive and they were from India.

New Zealand
Credits: Unsplash

11) United Kingdom

United Kingdom has also added India under its red list countries and as per the rule, Indian citizens will not be allowed entry into the country whereas British citizens entering the country should quarantine for a minimum of 10 days.

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12) Singapore

Singapore recently announced that travellers travelling from India will now need to undergo mandatory 14 days quarantine at a dedicated facility as well as need to undergo 7 days Stay-at-Home notice.

Credits: Unsplash

13) Hong Kong

Starting April 20, Hong Kong has banned flights from India for 14 days. This move comes after the rise of coronavirus cases in India and the contagious variant which might be a problem. Additionally, it has banned flights from Philippines and Pakistan too.

Credits: Unsplash

14) UAE

The Kingdom of UAE also banned flights from India except cargo to enter the country for next 10 days. The ban came into effect starting 24th of April and can be extended further.

Dubai City
Credits: Unsplash

15) Sri Lanka

One of the neighbouring country is the latest country that has banned flights to and from India. Reportedly it had previously allowed passengers from India however due to rising coronavirus cases the DGCA of Sri Lanka banned passengers from India.

Sri Lanka
Credits: Unsplash
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