Travel like a pro by following these essential packing tips

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Everybody loves to travel, everybody loves to explore new locations and take photographs however, one might feel dissatisfied when they forget to pack essential items or overpack risking disorganized packing and also having your airline charging you extra for the same.

Travel tips and tricks
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A well-planned trip with everything you need close at hand can be the difference between a hectic and a hassle-free trip.

For minimizing your travel luggage hold, follow these essential packing tips so that you can enjoy your visit without regretting anything. 

1) Prepare a list

Checklist the items for travel
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Start your journey towards travelling by preparing a short list of things to carry. This will help you to mitigate some of the items which are not needed by you.

2) Check airline baggage policy

This is an important checklist which you need to keep in mind in case you are travelling by air.

Airline Baggage Policy
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Different airline has different baggage policy, hence it is required to check before or after booking your flight in case you tend to carry extra.

3) Keep travel-related documents separately

Always check to keep any travel-related documents such as Passport, Insurance, A copy of your stay etc in hand where they can be reached without any hassle.

Keep handy the travel documents
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Apart from the hard copy, you can also save them in cloud storage where you can keep them safe and access them when there are internet services.

4) Keep Sample Sizes and freebies

Before your journey to a known destination, It is important to carry any sample gifts or freebies which are small in size for easy travel.

Sample Items and Freebies
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Sample boxes are usually smaller in size and this helps you to keep in baggage without the worry of larger space requirements.

5) Do not fold the clothes.

One of the amateur mistakes that everyone makes is to fold the clothes, these occupy more space and also you do not have some space to add more clothes.

Folding the clothes
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Instead, roll the clothes tightly where it can help you carry more clothes and also rolling up the clothes occupies less space.

6) Pack mini first aid box

One of the most important items that need to be in your bag is the mini first aid box, as you are travelling to a different location there might be chances of getting your medicine scarcely or it might not be available anywhere.

First Aid Kit for travel
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Hence, it is important to carry your medications and first aid equipment so that it comes in hand in case of emergency.

7) Add a luggage tag or have a fancy suitcase cover

Luggage tag or fancy suitcase cover
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A luggage tag or fancy suitcase cover is important when you travel by air and these can be easily identified after deboarding.  

The man behind A Lone Backpacker, Shravan worked in the corporate jobs to quit after he fell in love with solo travelling. The first trip he travelled solo was to Bali exploring backpacker places and connected with the nature. He loves to travel to untapped places and imbibe the culture of new destination, try out local delicacies and share his knowledge to the world.

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