Vanlife is now becoming more popular

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Travelling and exploring in a customised van is now becoming more popular. There are so many searches on Instagram where #vanlife is becoming more popular where one can find a number of posts on this now trending lifestyle.

Additionally, there is now a van life community which is growing day by day. Many people are converting their van into a motorhome and uploading their journey across social media websites.

Connecting with nature

Even before the covid stuck, the camper vans were in great demand however the sales figure soared during the pandemic where 2021 was the camper van industry’s most successful year ever as there was a rise in vehicle registration in Germany, France, the Netherlands the UK, and Switzerland.

Caravan Parks
Credits: Unsplash

“The trend toward individual, nature-oriented vacations began long before the pandemic and will continue to influence the travel behaviour of many people in the future,” says Daniel Onggowinarso, managing director of the Caravaning Industry Association (CIVD).

Demand for motorhomes and caravans is expected to remain high in 2022. Small recreational vehicles are especially popular. They accounted for around 53% of all new vehicle registrations in 2021, according to research by CIVD.

DIY Vans

More and more people are converting their vans where the van converted to a camper saves a lot of money compared to purchasing a new one. 

Closer to Nature in Caravan
Credits: Unsplash

However, it is far from cheap. Especially when you rarely use your recreational vehicle, even though you are paying taxes and insurance for it. 

Freedom on Wheels.

For many people, these vans offer freedom during travelling. Many people who camp in the vans don’t usually plan for the trip as they say they decide to go on a vacation spontaneously. 

The man behind A Lone Backpacker, Shravan worked in the corporate jobs to quit after he fell in love with solo travelling. The first trip he travelled solo was to Bali exploring backpacker places and connected with the nature. He loves to travel to untapped places and imbibe the culture of new destination, try out local delicacies and share his knowledge to the world.

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